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Welcome to our TEFL Heaven Reviews website, where you can find all the information you need to know about our courses from the people that know them best …our wonderful TEFL Heaven graduates!.

If you are on this website it's probably because you are currently considering teaching English abroad, and are therefore carefully considering your options. With so many different TEFL programs available, deciding upon where to invest your time, effort and finances is the single biggest decision you will make, and one that will go a long way to dictating the kind of experience you have. The simple purpose of this website is to provide a platform for those that have done our TEFL heaven courses, to offer their own review of their experience so that those who are considering the same might be able to get an honest and impartial perspective. . 

We hope you find this website to be a useful resource for you as you begin your own TEFL journey – whether you are at the early stages of planning or are simply intrigued by what a TEFL course may have to offer! Whichever point you are at in the process, we hope this website gives you a better insight into our TEFL courses and what our former trainees have to say about their own experience.

Please take your time, enjoy, and have a look at what our alumni have to say! .

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Recent Customer Reviews

28th February 2017

TEFL Heaven Vietnam


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I was able to secure a job a week after my course ended in one of the best language schools in Ho Chi Minh City and this was down to the skills and experience I obtained on my TEFL course. I had never taught before let alone teach in a foreign country but now I work 20 hours a week and am able to save more than I ever did in the UK because of the low cost of living here. It wasn't easy for me to adjust to a different way of life but it has been completely worth it and I am now planning on staying here longer than I originally planned. So if you are wondering whether you should do it then all I can say is 'DO IT!' You won't regret it."

24th February 2017

TEFL Heaven Czech Republic + Job

Jessica WilliamsContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I strongly encourage anyone considering going abroad and teaching to inquire with TEFL Heaven Prague's low cost of living, amenities, healthy English teaching market, and public transportation system (to name but a few!) provides everything you need to have an amazing experience teaching English abroad. It also offers a fantastic platform should you want to teach in other countries or other continents, as many graduates go on to do. Further, teaching English abroad develops you professionally in terms of soft skills, growth in areas such as time management, public speaking, approaching difficult or sensitive situations, empathy, creativity, overall confidence, effective and efficient communication methods, and problem solving just to name a few. Itís an experience few have and many wish for, and it stands out that you have a goal and made that goal reality. I owe so much to TEFL Heaven - signing up and completing the course to earn my TEFL Certification changed my life, and only for the better. I highly recommend this program!"

22nd February 2017

TEFL Heaven Peru + Job


(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"Fun, Laughter and Learning I decided to complete the TEFL certification course because I wanted to fulfil my passion for teaching and I wanted to travel. I had no teaching background and before stumbling across the TEFL Heaven website, I had no idea how to make my teaching goals a reality. TEFL Heaven provided me with great insight into average teaching salaries, fun activities and the requirements live and teach in Peru. I have just completed the one month TEFL certification course and will teach English in Cusco for the next six months. Thanks to TEFL Heaven!!"

21st February 2017

TEFL Heaven Argentina + Job

Kellane KornegayContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"It is hard to know what to expect out of an abroad experience. Moving to another country where you know no one and almost nothing about the city is hard. TEFL Heaven made the process of applying for and getting prepared for my TEFL program a breeze. Not only was everyone I talked to from the organization super friendly and helpful, they also responded to me quickly and answered all my questions. They connected me with their partner school in Buenos Aires and were always supportive if I needed extra assistance. I cannot speak highly enough about the school and the in class experience I had at the institute. Our teacher, Carolina, is amazing and I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn with her and the other students in my class. The 4 week course was intense and spending 5 hours every day in the same room with the same people is.... interesting. We definitely bonded quickly. Taking this TEFL course in Buenos Aires gave me a purpose to be here and I loved it. I had a reason to wake up and something I needed to complete every day and that was a great feeling. I have only been out of the course for a week and already have several job offers and interviews. I know that was one of my main concerns along with the other students but rest assured, there is ample teaching opportunity here and the team makes sure that you are all set. What a wonderful time it has been. Thank you TEFL Heaven!"

26th January 2017

TEFL Heaven Spain + Job

Shantelle BerryContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"TEFL is life-changing, a person is only some of their destiny without it, who wants to be half-half? TEFL is meant for those who enjoy life and all it's challenges, for those who love hard and embrace empowerment for a true enrichment, TEFL is the answer, welcome to the real world."

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