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24th October 2016

TEFL Heaven Mexico


(4 Stars)  










"This course was great because I learned how to teach. They have a guy named Raul who leads the TEFL training, and in addition to multiple degrees in education, he's got fifteen years experience teaching English around the world. The class focuses on teaching methods, as well as classroom management. The grammar learning component is light, but the focus on teaching is ideal in my opinion as it prepares you for whatever classroom situation you might have once you start working. Furthermore, his experience in the field offers a lot of insight on the realities of teaching abroad, which he imparts anecdotally throughout the course as well as providing entire lessons on how the business of TEFL works across countries. The teaching practices are valuable, but inconsistent. Students often don't show up, or just come late. I was also supposed to be observed something like six times to be given feedback, but only got observed once."

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