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28th February 2017

TEFL Heaven Vietnam


(5 Stars)  

"Having an international accredited certificate means that I can work anywhere in the world however the certificate I obtained through TEFL Heaven is deemed one of the best certifications in Vietnam so finding a job was a breeze!"


"TEFL Heaven were brilliant. They answered all my questions and concerns and have still continued to support me to see how I'm doing even though I finished my course almost 3 months ago. I chose to do my TEFL through them because of the quality of the program and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. I am so glad I did their accredited course in Vietnam rather than just do a quick course online with no practical experience or knowing whether I would even like Vietnam! Doing the course here in Vietnam gave me a feel for the country so that by the time I finished the course, I was already settled into the way of life here."


"Some of the best people I've known are the ones I met on my course and the course after mine. They become your family and so the course was engaging and fun and fully prepared me for being a teacher in the real world! I now am able to conduct my classes with the same fun using the skills that I was taught on my course."


"I have always felt safe in Vietnam but it is a very different way of life! The traffic is hectic and road laws are generally non existent but I got used to it pretty quickly and Vietnamese people are very friendly and helpful. In a country where everyone wants to practice their English, prepared to make a lot of friends even on the local bus!"


"Doing my TEFL certification in Vietnam is something I would do again without hesitation. It has opened up my horizons after years of working in an office and a culture that is fascinating and beautiful. I now have the travel bug and would love to teach English in as many countries as I can!"

"I was able to secure a job a week after my course ended in one of the best language schools in Ho Chi Minh City and this was down to the skills and experience I obtained on my TEFL course. I had never taught before let alone teach in a foreign country but now I work 20 hours a week and am able to save more than I ever did in the UK because of the low cost of living here. It wasn't easy for me to adjust to a different way of life but it has been completely worth it and I am now planning on staying here longer than I originally planned. So if you are wondering whether you should do it then all I can say is 'DO IT!' You won't regret it."

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