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13th June 2017

TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand


(4 Stars)  

"One of the best benefits of booking a trip through TEFL Heaven was that you have an immediate support system. Having the friends you make through TEFL has been one of the things that has gotten me through this trip. It's also amazing to receive advice and tips from your trainers who have been here at least 6 months."


"My benefits and support are basically the same. The support you receive is a huge benefit."


"The three weeks of training before the island are super fun. Yes, you have class during the week but there is plenty of time to explore and take advantage of weekends. My trainers helped coordinate some fun day trips as well."


"I want to emphasize that I did not feel unsafe at all during any point in my trip. Not only is Thailand extremely safe, you always have people around to ask questions and help ease any worries or anxieties you may have."


"Overall, I think TEFL Heaven is invaluable if you are choosing to teach English abroad. There are so many things to take into account when moving here to work and the fact that they break down the process from start to finish is extremely helpful. Without having completed this course here, I don't think I would have been able to adjust as easily."

"I started and am currently working on a small blog which is essentially just a journal of my experiences so far. There are lots of things to consider when packing and preparing in general, and although TEFL Heaven covers a bunch, some other things are helpful as well! The link is http://alanaportiz.wixsite.com/gypsyjams."

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