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29th June 2017

TEFL Heaven Vietnam


(4 Stars)  

"As promised, this course offered TEFL knowledge, in class teaching experience and guidance along the way! All of the resources I needed were provided to me. Although I did not take the job that I was provided with after the course because it didn't suit my wants and needs."


"The staff at this school are very supportive and responsive. They always returned my messages instantly and met any concerns I had in a timely manner."


"I had a ton of fun in my course. Since we spent 4 weeks together, we quickly became a tight knit unit. The school did their part to welcome us the first night with welcome drinks and a party!"


"The hotel that I stayed in was literally right across from the school, so from that respect it very safe, and easy to access. However, the area where the school is located is VERY local, which although it might not have been unsafe, it did make me really overwhelmed and at times, uneasy. I would suggest arriving a week or two early to Vietnam and travelling or staying in District 1 in the backpacker area while you get over the culture shock. This will make things like crossing the road in crazy traffic easier and less dangerous when it comes time to do the course."


"Overall, I would recommend this course to people who want to meet friends in their new host country and to adjust to the new culture while becoming TEFL certified."

"This course set me up to start my career in TEFL, and I had my first job within weeks after completing it. I was very happy to have the in class teaching hours under my belt, because this experience gave me a confidence that many new teachers lack. Finally, doing my TEFL course in my host country of Vietnam helped me to adjust to my new surroundings with the support of like-minded new friends... we did it together! Now 8 months later, I'm still teaching and can honestly say it's been once of the best choices I've ever made!"

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