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03rd July 2017

TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand

Hollie DreverContact

(5 Stars)  

"There are countless benefits to this course. The fact that the staff (both on and off island) were so helpful really stood out. The job guarantee is obviously a huge plus. The quality of teaching/experience in person leaves me highly recommending that you choose this course rather than an online equivalent!"


"Everybody was so supportive, which put me (and my family!) at ease. I knew I could ask them for anything and still could. The website which unlocks after you are accepted on to the programme is full of useful information so they make all of that really easy - and the inital website is great too!"


"This course was so much fun that I wish it was longer! Most of the teaching is done through games and activities. I was concerned this might feel cheesy but it was so relaxed, it helped us get to know each other, and it gave us heaps of ideas for games to bring to the classroom. Bare in mind that you ARE assessed on this course, and the work demand was more than I expected! You don't have quite as much time to play on the beach as I thought, but they do help you organise activities at the weekend."


"I had no safety concerns whilst on this course, TEFL Heaven helped put me at ease and, if you are sensible, Thailand is a loving, safe country that is beautiful."


"I would recommend this programme if you are looking at TEFL options - I admit that the course is expensive, and I certainly had little moments of panic or annoyance (mostly about accommodation during the 3 weeks!) but now that it's over I appreciate the value of this course, especially in comparison to other TEFL options over here."

"Go for it! Research your options or concerns but then feel the fear and do it anyway - I have no regrets :)"

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