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03rd July 2017

TEFL Heaven Mexico

Kayla BroadyContact

(5 Stars)  

"The teaching practices are a great experience because you get to lead multiple age groups and actually get a feel for what you prefer. One of my classmates went in wanting to teach children and after teaching practices realized she actually really enjoyed teaching adults too. The class itself is super informative. I'd already taught English to adults before, so I didn't think I would learn as much as I did. I'm actually really glad I took this course."


"We had the best teacher. He was so experienced and very knowledgeable; I felt like him being my teacher really made a huge difference. Outside of the teaching/management staff, everyone else who was there as a teacher was also very helpful. We had like our own little TEFL community in Puerto Vallarta. The tips everyone had to offer ranged from where we should apply to teach next, all the way to where we could find the cheapest tacos."


"There's so much to do in Puerto Vallarta. It almost seemed too good to be true that I was taking a class for a month but was having that much fun. There are so many beaches, waterfalls, restaurants... TEFL Heaven even plans excursions for their group of trainees every month. So even if your not the best at planning trips or figuring out how to travel on your own, there's always that to look forward to every Sunday."


"PV is safe and everyone down there will tell you. Since the income from tourism is how so many people make money there, no one wants to jeopardize PV's reputation (aka their job security). It's so easy to learn your way around the strip and how to use the buses, the grocery stores, etc. There's no reason why anyone should ever feel uneasy there."


"I absolutely loved it. The entire 32 days I spent down there was unbelievable. Our teacher was very informative but also hilarious. I enjoyed all the time spent in the classroom, and all my free time spent out of the classroom. It was the best experience of my life to date, and I travel often. It was so worth the money and I cannot wait to go back one day!"

"Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful safe place and having gotten my TEFL certification there is most definitely the best investment (time & money wise) for my future I think I've ever made. You learn lots of helpful concepts and techniques for the classroom, you get to be immersed in a foreign culture and be surrounded by great people, and you're living in a paradise for a whole month. The entire experience is great, from start to finish."

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