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04th July 2017

TEFL Heaven Vietnam

Mary ConningContact

(5 Stars)  

"The course was great :) The accomadation with the course was in a hotel and this was a nice spacious room with a double bed which was comfortable for a month. I also had a job with 9 days of finishing my course in the area I had wanted to live in"


"The support while in Vietnam was very good, the course teacher was always happy to help with anything, whether it was concerning the course or aspects of living in Ho Chi Minh city. I have not given 4 out of 5 sars because it would have been helpful to have some better advice and information in the lead up to travelling to Vietnam."


"The teachers on the course made it as fun as they could but what really counted towards the experience was the fun we had as a group. I had such a good time with the people on my course, it is surprising how close you get strangers over the course of a month when you are thrown together in this way. I made some great friends who I know I will continue to see and keep in touch with. We made some great memories together."


"Vietnam is a really safe place, I never felt threatened. A member of my class had his phone stolen, my advice is not to stand on the side of the road with your phone in your hand as people on motobikes will try to snatch it, same applies for bags which are best kept across the bosy or with both straps on with a backpack. But there are thieves and pick pockets in every country just be careful with your belongings, this was one person out of a class of 20ish."


"I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone thinking of training in TESOL."

"Great course, I felt I was given essential information for teaching and I am now confident teaching all ages when previously I had no teaching experience at all. It was great to meet the people on my course, make great friends and great memories. Vietnam is beautiful, I am currently living in Ha Long, if you don't know it Google away people and if you are anything like me be prepared to fall in love! HCMC is a bustling, busy, crazy city, be prepared to walk slowly across roads while the motorbikes roar and swerve around you carry, everything from pig carcasses to fridge freezers. This is a huge city and the centre has everything that you would expected from a multicultural city. And I can't finish without mentioning the food, the guide books aren't exaggerating about he street food etc. it is so... good!! And the Vietnamese people are so friendly and helpful, you will come to Vietnam for the course but you will stay in the country because you fall in love with it."

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