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07th July 2017

TEFL Heaven Mexico

Scott RickContact

(5 Stars)  

"The price for food and most everything else is very inexpensive. The school is very centrally-located in the city (at least the parts students are likely to visit)."


"The administrative staff is very helpful and supporting; turn around time for questions is very, very fast."


"Puerto Vallarta is a fun place to live. If you like beaches you're going to love PV! (But be careful... if you're a klutz like me you may end up injuring your ankle, breaking your glasses, and losing your camera to the waves ;)"


"PV is pretty much the safest city in Mexico."


"Overall? If this was an eBay question I'd give it an A+++++. It was a great experience!"

"Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city and, while it is expensive compared to many parts of Mexico, it is very inexpensive compared to places like the United States and Western Europe. The course in PV is taught by a very experienced TEFL instructor (roughly a decade and a half experience all over the world, from Thailand to Great Britain) who learned English as an adult (he is originally from Spain). In addition, the TEFL course has ten hours of practical experience in classrooms (currently at a mixture of both the language center itself and nearby schools) so students can get a good indication of what it will be like to teach in a real situation."

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