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15th July 2017

TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand


(5 Stars)  

"TEFL Heaven gave me the confidence and support I needed to move abroad. They gave clear steps and a good timeline of the interview, training, and job placement process. The staff were quick at responding to emails and were available to Skype about questions. TEFL Heaven took a lot of the stress of moving to another country off my shoulders. Their TEFL training course had great trainers who were professional and made me feel ready to take on the challenge of teaching. They also gave me a good network of other TEFL teachers all over the world."


"The TEFL Heaven staff responded to my millions of questions quickly over email. They were professional, friendly, and gave good guidance."


"Training was a blast! About half the people in my group came with friends and half came alone, but by the end everyone was friends. It was nice to automatically have people to explore and try new things with in a new country. You really get to know people after living, training, and teaching together for three weeks. I kept in touch with most people after training ended and we would visit each other on weekends."


"I feel very safe in Thailand. Our training took place at a resort on the beach and it had several restaurants and bars close by. Never once did I feel in danger. The town I teach in is very small, quaint, and safe. The only thing you have to look out for is dogs at night."


"Overall, I'm so happy I went through TEFL Heaven. They trained me well, placed me at an amazing school, and helped introduce me to amazing friends."

"I first heard of TEFL Heaven through a friend who heard about it from another friend. Getting a TEFL certificate on a beach in Thailand and then automatically getting a job handed to you sounded too good to be true. I knew I wanted to live abroad for a year so I decided to take a leap of faith and do it. TEFL Heaven helped me every step of the way. They answered my millions of questions through email and Skyped me when needed. Interviewing was an easy and quick process. They also helped with visas. About a week before I left America I was told what school I would be placed at. In Thailand they put us at a great resort on the beach with cute bungalows and we could see the ocean from our training classroom. It wasn't luxury but it was good. Our trainers were professional, supportive, and experienced. They were realistic about what to expect and had meetings with us about how we were feeling. After training I immediately moved to my Thai town. From there, my school helped me find an apartment and get settled. Moving to a new country and starting a new job is stressful but TEFL Heaven helped alleviate a lot of that stress and made me feel prepared."

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