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15th July 2017

TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand


(5 Stars)  

"The benefits that the TEFL Heaven course provides are endless. You are not only given the tools to become a TEFL teacher, you are given ample support with visa and travel documents, and given an agency to provide you with a job in a school somewhere in the country. TEFL Heaven does not disappoint when they tell you that you will train in a paradise island location. One of the biggest benefits of this course is that you can take in the beauty of Thailand as you are training. This in itself is an incredible opportunity."


"The program's aim was to give us the tools that we would need as certified TEFL teachers, then to assist us in finding an agency to provide us with a teaching position. TEFL Heaven did all this and more. The company provided support in all aspects, giving me the security I wanted to feel in a new environment and a new teaching job. Prior to beginning the course, TEFL Heaven staff made my preparation and arrival easier than I had imagined. There was always someone readily available to answer any questions."


"It may sound cheesy, but while training and getting acclimated in Thailand, I have made some of the greatest friends and I have TEFL Heaven to thank for that. There are many incredible people who come to partake in this course and we have seen and experienced such incredible things together. I have had such a wonderful life changing opportunity here, full of laughs and smiles."


"Of course coming to a new country will bring about various concerns. However, I can truly say I have never once felt unsafe here. Throughout the training, we learned proper cultural appreciation which provides you with the ability to understand the ins and outs of Thailand, furthermore allowing you to feel safe and secure. The people in Thailand are overall welcoming and have never once made me feel unsafe in their country."


"I could not have chosen a better way to begin my experience teaching in Thailand than to train with the TEFL Heaven program. The training course itself was an enlightening experience and beneficial in that it provided me with the tools I needed to be the best TEFL teacher I could be. We were not only taught the skills that could prepare you for any situation, but also how to acclimate to a new life and a new job."

"I could not have chosen a better way to begin this incredible adventure, teaching in Thailand, than with the TEFL Heaven certification course. Being given the opportunity to live in a paradise island location while gaining the tools needed to teach in a new cultural environment was an overall positive and extremely beneficial experience. Taking on a new job in a new environment can be daunting, but TEFL Heaven made sure that we were comfortable, providing any tools necessary and made it an overall incredible experience. I highly recommend TEFL Heaven to anyone who wants to dive into a new culture and take on the task of teaching in a foreign country."

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