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16th July 2017

TEFL Heaven Internships Thailand


(5 Stars)  

"The friends and connections I made were one of the greatest benefits- not to mention the beautiful and fun location. The in-person training also made this course super worthwhile. We could practice our teaching in skills in a more real-life setting. Not only did I feel prepared for teaching in Thailand, I also felt a lot more prepared to adapting to a new lifestyle in Thailand."


"TEFL heaven provided help and support throughout the entire process to getting accepted to the program, getting ready to move overseas, and setting us up with an excellent and agency and job once we made it to Thailand. Any concerns I may have had were effectively and efficiently resolved by the TEFL Heaven team. They provided me with plentiful resources to make my transition to Thailand as seamless as possible. I've now been teaching in Thailand for about a year, and it's very comforting to know that even now TEFL Heaven is a great resource if I experience any issues here while I am still in Thailand or if hope to look for a job in another country in the future."


"The training course was a blast. We got to live on Island for three weeks with about 20 other awesome individuals. We had training during the day but during our breaks, evenings, and weekends we were to dip in the pool or ocean, go for jogs on the beach, treks through jungle, explore the island life and pretty much all out have an awesome time- rain or shine!"


"I have always felt very safe living in Thailand. Had there been a time that I felt uncomfortable, I am comforted knowing that TEFL Heaven would certainly be there to assist."


"Overall, it was certainly a well worth your money and your time training course. Wouldn't trade the friends that I have met and the experiences I have had through TEFL Heaven for the world. Would highly recommend to anyone- and if you're thinking about it, do it! You certainly won't regret it!"

"Choosing to take the TEFL Heaven training course was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did we get to do our training on the beautiful island of Koh Chang and meet about 20 other awesome fellow teachers and now friends in Thailand, but TEFL Heaven did an excellent job placing us at fitting and awesome schools around Thailand for when we finished the training course. The training course was so useful, and the in-person training really helped us to practice our teaching skills before we even stepped in foot in the classroom. It helped me feel very confident when I finally did teach my first class. The training program helped to introduce me to friends that will now be lifelong friends. Having a bunch of new friends all around Thailand definitely helped me to feel a lot more comfortable when I was first getting my bearings, and now will be friends I will be eternally grateful for. The TEFL Heaven training course made me feel comfortable and confident in my firs experience teaching abroad, and has introduced me to a job and lifestyle that I may be very well be continuing for many years to come. After teaching in Thailand for about a year now, it's so comforting to know that TEFL Heaven will continue to be a useful resource for the duration or my time here and for any future teaching abroad endeavors. If you're thinking about teaching abroad, do it! You certainly won't regret it."

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