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17th September 2017

TEFL Heaven Mexico


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"It's possible to do TEFL courses around the world, close to home or even online from your computer, however, nothing will beat the experience of getting out of your comfort zone and learning to teach in a far flung corner of the globe. Completing my TEFL course in Mexico was the most incredible experience and I know will always be one of the most memorable months of my life. The wonderful thing about choosing TEFL Heaven as your provider is that you are placed with people just like you who have left home to explore the world and want to learn to teach. Having two guaranteed things in common means that you will have instant ready made friends who almost become like a TEFL family. It's with your TEFL family that you will make some incredible memories and have a fantastic time. The course itself was wonderful and delivered by a man called Raul who was so passionate about teaching he had you desperate to get into a classroom as soon as possible so that you could experience what he experiences. The course itself was well thought out and I loved that we taught each other grammar concepts making even the dull aspects of TEFL fun. I loved every moment of the course and would happily do it all over again!"

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