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20th September 2017

TEFL Heaven Spain + Job


(5 Stars)  

"The benefits of this program included one to one instruction time, face time instruction and practice teaching with real students. I know a lot of people who opt to complete TEFL online, however I do not think that online TEFL prepares one to teach as well as an in person training does."


"The staff at the TEFL program were incredibly supportive through out the process and were supportive with legal matters, which you will find are very important. You must be legal so that employers can pay you while you're in Spain."


"The staff members were great at keeping morale high- even on really rough days when no one wanted to participate. This is key."


"Madrid is incredibly safe. I have traveled a lot and must say that Madrid feels like one of the safest cities especially for women. I walk alone at 2, 3 even 4 am with absolutely no issues."


"I definitely recommend this city for teaching abroad. The people are friendly, its great for travel and the program that I completed was pretty beneficial."

"Madrid is a great place- but be realistic with yourself about money and make sure that you secure housing that isn't ridiculously over priced. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I absolutely love it here."

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