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10th October 2017

TEFL Heaven Spain + Job

Benjamin Z. GrimesContact

(5 Stars)  

"There were so many benefits to choosing the TEFL Heaven team. My favourite benefit was that you immediately get a team of dedicated individuals who are always there to answer any questions you may have and support you every step of the way; whether you have a question about teaching English or how to go about obtaining your Visa, TEFL Heaven will be there for you."


"The TEFL Heaven team was extremely responsive and supportive throughout the process, from start to finish. Whenever I had a question, an answer was always just an email away. Not only was the TEFL Heaven team knowledgeable but they were also extremely responsive to all my inquiries."


"The interview process, discussions and emails with the TEFL Team not only ensures that you are a good fit for teaching abroad in a foreign country, but also truly gets you excited for such an amazing new chapter of your life. Their happy, upbeat and informative attitude is contagious and you will find yourself elated with the program!"


"There was never a single point in this process that I did not feel 100% safe. Whether it was through my course payments (which were online, via telephone, email, etc. and 100% secure) or at any point in obtaining my Visa. The trainers help all of us from day one to feel totally comfortable and safe and they are there to always answer questions or listen to your concerns."


"Truly an amazing program and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, thus far. Do it!"

"The TEFL Heaven course was perfect because it was face to face, practical and the entire team was responsive to all of my questions. There is no better way to become prepared to go into the classroom and teach, than acutally teaching students; that is how TEFL Heaven prepares you. Our trainers were fantastic, fun, friendly and they went above and beyond to make sure everyone was prepared and feeling confident. The practical, real-world experience in teaching which TEFL Heaven offers its students is invaluable and simply cannot be obtained through an online course. TEFL Heaven is truly the pefect program for someone who has little or no experience teaching abroad or living in a foreign country. The program (through its trainers and staff) help to introduce you gradually to living in a new country and the culture that comes with it. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself during training, which is rigorous but also deeply rewarding and not to mention a blast!"

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