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10th October 2017

TEFL Heaven China + Job

Sarah EureContact

(5 Stars)  

"This course does a wonderful job of preparing students for teaching allowing them to accrue a large amount of teaching practice hours throughout the course. Because of this, I am able to anticipate and resolve problems within my own classroom now that the course is over. This invaluable experience has helped me to feel confident as a teacher."


"The instructors of the course worked tirelessly to help us feel that we were supported throughout the course. They spent hours giving us feedback on our lesson plans and brainstorming ideas when we were stuck. They always tried to help us make our lessons the best they could be. Their feedback after our teaching practice was individualized and thoughtful. I knew that I could ask them for help at any time and they would be readily accessible for me."


"One of my favorite things about this course is that it focused on helping us make teaching a fun and immersive experience for both us and our students. Throughout this course, I learned 28 different games I could play with children. The TEFL Heaven model for teaching is that students learn best when they are having fun, and teachers should try to facilitate this fun. It was helpful to learn how to play the games in the classroom, and made me comfortable and confident when I was in front of my own class."


"I never felt unsafe during this course. There was always a teacher supervising me when I was in front of a class. When we had to travel to a school that was far away from the training center, the staff ordered a car to get us there. They were vigilant at ensuring we felt comfortable at all times."


"This is a wonderful course with an even better staff. I would recommend this program to anyone who wishes to become immersed in teaching and learn real skills that will help you learn how to teach."

"I was thoroughly impressed by this program. The instructors and staff went above and beyond to make it an interesting and comprehensive TEFL course. One of my favorite features of this course is the Stepping Stones charity that we were able to take part in during our course. This charity allows children from public schools in Shanghai to have access to an English foreign language teacher. We volunteered in schools where the school could not have afforded to have an English foreign Language teacher otherwise. It was wonderful to be able to give back to my new country while doing something that I loved. Overall, I am very impressed by this program and am happy to say that I have been a part of it."

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