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10th October 2017

TEFL Heaven China + Job

Alexander O'HaraContact

(5 Stars)  

"My favorite aspect of this course was being able to teach in both the public school and training school settings. Most teachers in China end up working in one of these two types of schools. Being able to prepare lessons and lead classes in both was incredibly beneficial as I began to apply for teaching jobs. This course provides you with several hours of classroom experience, which will give you a competitive edge when you begin applying to schools. The instructors are all professional and resourceful, and will you you integrate into the Shanghai expat community. Everyone in my course was able to secure a teaching position, and I know that all of my coursemates will be effective teachers."


"The course instructors all have years of experience teaching in China. The TEFL Heaven alumni network in Shanghai is also huge! Between these two resources you'll always feel like you have people to support you. This is my first time in China, and the people I've met through this course have made my time here incredible. The course staff are always willing to help, and within a week or two they'll make sure that you have everything you need to make day to day life here easy. I was able to open a bank account and a cell phone plan during the first week of the course with their help."


"TEFL Heaven does an excellent job making every day of training fun. Better yet, they provide you with the tools to make your own classes fun as you begin teaching on your own. Days that I was teaching quickly became my favorite days of the course, because I was able to make my classes as fun as possible. You'll also meet alumni who will show you around Shanghai, and who are always willing to meet up to grab something to eat or check out any of the well - known (and some not so well known) sights."


"I felt safe and comfortable for the entire duration of the course. The staff will also work with you to secure long - term housing in areas that are expat - friendly if you'd like to live within the larger expat community. Shanghai is a clean and beautiful city, and I've never once been worried for my personal safety or for the safety of any friends that I've made here."


"This course was excellent. It's run in a matter that feels both professional and fun. Alumni from this program are always regarded as great prospective teachers, and you'll have no problem securing a job."

"I couldn't recommend this course more highly. I wasn't sure that I'd be a good teacher (or able to make it in China!), but the people I've met and the skills that I've learned through TEFL Heaven have quickly made me feel like a successful member of Shanghai's teaching community. I come from a small town, and initially felt overwhelmed with life in the world's largest city. After a couple of short weeks I forgot that I had ever felt that way! Teaching is a wonderful profession regardless of your background. It's perhaps the most rewarding work I've ever done, and I think that my coursemates felt the same way. There's something special about China and it's community of teachers. For anyone looking to begin their own journey, I can personally say that this is the course for you."

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