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12th October 2017

TEFL Heaven Vietnam

Zak O'Reilly 

(5 Stars)  

"The main benefit of this course is the job guarantee upon completion. Within 2 weeks I landed a job at one of the top schools in Vietnam earning just under $20 an hour and working 25 hours a week. This alone I think is worth the money"


"Any questions that I had were answered within 24 hours. The instructions on how to apply and what steps to take after applying were transparent and allowed for a very stress free application process."


"It must be difficult for a course provider to keep a group of people engaged for 4 weeks but that's exactly what our provider done. The lessons were informal but informative, learning activities, group work and pair work allowed for a varied approach to learning and it's something I now implement into my own lessons."


"Safety is paramount to all students of the course. If you have any concerns with anything at all the staff are more than happy to help you. I didn't feel unsafe at any point throughout the course."


"This course is good value for money. You will step into your first paid job feeling like you're prepared for anything. The 7 obligatory teaching practices help you deal with your nerves and make you feel like you are prepared for anything."

"Overall this course is invaluable in terms of preparing you to teach English to foreign students. I was considering completing an online TEFL course and then coming to Vietnam to try and find a job but that would've been a big mistake as most schools don't even recognize online certifications. You will make friends during the course who you will stay with for your time in Vietnam and you will receive ongoing support from with things like CV writing and job searching. Vietnam is the place to be for English teachers, it pays more favourably than other countries and there are an abundance of jobs. You will have no trouble what so ever finding a job."

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