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25th November 2013

TEFL Heaven Thailand + Volunteer

Lauren Jo KellyContact

(5 Stars)  

"Being looked after every step of the way by both TEFL Heaven and the host family- Mommy Pao! And having the school arranged for you to have your experience teaching in, i believe it would have been a lot harder to arrange this off your own back."


"It was nice to always have somewhere there with you, friends who you had met on the TEFL training and living with them was like having your own little family there."


"I had nothing but fun the whole time I was there, the training, the trips, the laughs and the children :)"


"Everything is arranged for you by the team so there was never a time where you were made to feel unsafe. Just always having your wits about you but that just comes from your personal self."



"I took a lot from my experience of teaching in Thailand and living within a very Thai cultured environment. I learnt a lot about myself over the weeks and met some very special people who will stay with me forever. Its not for the faint hearted and you have to be truly in it to take every grain you can from the adventure. You get so much more from your time there with something like TEFL heaven, rather than just doing the TEFL training, the time to live with a host family and a school teaching, it is so much more worth it than to do it alone. Thank you TEFL HEAVEN!"

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