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23rd November 2013

TEFL Heaven Thailand + Volunteer

Jordan KorollContact

(4 Stars)  

"The VTP program was a great experience that has allowed me to use what I've learned there and apply it to multiple situations since being home. Such as volunteering with children, traveling experiences, and cultrual values. It has been a major benefit for applying for Canadian Teachers College"


"As a result of not speaking up much of the VTP members during the summer program were unhappy with the lack of support. With this coming to the attention of the coordinators they had completely changed the amount of support offered to us. Personally I could not say anything bad with the people I had for support during the program! They helped me in so many situations that I am really grateful for"


"This program was an absolute blast! I had so much fun during it and wish I had a bit more time to teach/explore the rest of Northern Thailand. Being able to actually spend time with the children outside the classroom and living with a Thai was a great way of getting first hand experience of their culture."


"During the program I felt very safe and never felt that my safety was ever in jeopardy while teaching. On the other hand volunteers should always be aware of their surroundings and be cautious with everything they do while travelling and exploring new parts of the country as bad things may happen."


"Going into the VTP program I really didn't know what to expect. I had minimal knowledge regarding Thai culture and teaching experience and now I feel comfortable applying the skills I learned during the program. It really expanded my international competency and I definitely feel that I have become a more worldly person as a result."


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