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TEFL Heaven Costa Rica + Job

(4.7 Stars, based on 11 reviews)

The TEFL heaven Costa Rica program offers our teachers the opportunity to visit the simply incredible central America. This program also features great flexibility with regards to start dates meaning you can start training and teaching througout the year.

This program features some great benefits.


  • 4 weeks in Manual Antonio
  • 150 hour TEFL certificate upon successful completion
  • Assistance with accommodation 
  • Train within 2 miles of the beach
  • Guaranteed job placement upon successful completion (in central valley)
  • A monthly salary of $600-800 (2.5 times local teachers wage)
  • A great social atmosphere where you'll make friends for life!
  • Run's throughout the year


If you're a graduate and you're looking to enter the world of teaching, or want to get some more life experience before entering a long term career, and would like to learn new skill set's to boost your CV, then TEFL Heaven could be just what you're looking for. 

To learn about the experiences of our TEFL Heaven alumni please read the below reviews, or to view more information about this program please follow this link.

Course Reviews

15th October 2017

Laura Hayes 

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Taking my TEFL certification course in Manuel Antonio was incredible! The people are friendly and the culture is \\\"muy tranquilo.\\\" If you enjoy beach towns, surfing, or hiking to view unique wildlife, Manuel Antonio is for you! The school where you take your classes is right on the beach and the classroom has an absolutely breathtaking view. During my month's stay, I chose to live with a host family. This was a great opportunity as it helped me to get to know Costa Rican culture on a deeper level and also helped my conversational Spanish improve immensely. While I was there, I spent many days on the beach, drinking delicious coffee, or sitting out with my binoculars looking at beautiful birds and other wildlife such as sloths and monkeys. I highly recommend taking your course in Manuel Antonio!"

15th October 2017

Alyssa ArceContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"TEFL Heaven made the process of acquiring my TEFL Certification painless. Costa Rica itself is stunningly gorgeous, with beautiful climate, beaches, and wildlife. There are plenty of discounted opportunities for adventure through the TEFL school. The instructors are amazing, the locals are friendly, and the people you'll meet in the program will become lifelong friends. If you decide to do TEFL in Costa Rica, I doubt you'll regret it. Although, I hope you don't tire of beans and rice easily! I thoroughly enjoyed my TEFL training experience in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and would love to offer advice or support to anyone interested in the program!"

22nd June 2017


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Going to Costa Rica to complete the TEFL Course was the first time I left the United States. I was nervous, scared, and had SO many questions. Going through TEFL Heaven gave me peace of mind, and helped me every step of the way. Any time I had a question, they were quick to respond and happy to help. The course itself was nothing short of perfect. I had an amazing experience both with the TEFL course and the beautiful city of Manuel Antonio. I felt I was able to work hard, learn a lot, and become a well trained teacher while still enjoying the beautiful country. I highly recommend to anyone considering both Costa Rica and TEFL Heaven!"

12th July 2016


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I absolutely loved my experience in Costa Rica! It far surpassed even my high expectations and I wouldn't have wanted to do my TEFL certification anywhere else!"

18th September 2015

Paul FrameContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I really loved this course and I was sad when it ended. I made great friends and instantly felt affection for living a basic, chilled out lifestyle. As much as you will fall in love with Samara, you will probably have to move to the Central Valley for work. Where I live now isnīt as picturesque or \\\"pura vida\\\", but the great experiences donīt stop coming and I absolutely love my job. Itīs hard work but the education I have received this year has been everything I wanted and more...so much so that Iīm extending my stay! A lot of this is down to the launchpad TEFL Heaven provided me with, I fully recommend coming here. Come here prepared to work hard and play hard; some people picture working abroad as an extended holiday but being an ESL teacher in Costa Rica is a genuine, challenging full time job! You will still get plenty of time to explore the sites, see the beauty and visit surrounding countries though, so youīre always reminded that youīre in paradise!"

09th September 2015

Naomi Da SilvaContact

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"Since Graduating in August 2014, I have had a great deal of experience of teaching from beginning for beginners until fluido level speakers. It has been a challenge as well as a fun filled experience and the outcome of this has resulted in getting a brilliant job opportunity in one of the companies I was working for as a teaching coordinator, and so far it has thus been eventful and taught me a great deal, about teaching and the Costa Rican culture. My advice, travel and discover as much as you can, WHILE you still can. Pura Vida Naomi. :-)"

07th September 2015


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"My time in Costa Rica doing TEFL was absolutely amazing. My group of training teachers have become lifelong friends of mine, and Barbara and Bill were such helpful individuals with incredible personalities. The course really taught me a lot about teaching, and I left feeling super prepared. Also, the location is breathtaking, and we had a lot of fun meeting locals and learning about the area. All in all, it was a life-changing experience, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to learn at this institution."

18th August 2015

Joe HaywoodContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I graduated from uni and had always considered teaching, so finally plucked up the courage to apply for this course. I met some brilliant people, learned an incredible amount in just four weeks and the practice classes gave me so much confidence. As the classes are free for the local students, they are extremely friendly and grateful, so even if you prepare the worst class in history you aren't gonna get heckled until you curl up into a ball and cry. I had originally planned on staying in Costa Rica for at least 6 months, but returned to the UK shortly after the course ended and two weeks later flew to Vietnam, where I have been teaching for just over two months (the job vacancy was sent to me by the staff from the course). Before this course I would have described myself as cynical, pessimistic, narrow-minded and happy with what I know. I applied after having endured a particularly bad day at work and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I was never blessed with confidence or any particular desire to travel, but that's all changed now and I'd definitely say it's changed for the better. If you're thinking about doing it but are worried you'll hate it, the most you've got to lose is a couple of grand and a month of your life. So basically it's the same stakes as flashing a nun (probably). And this way at least you get a qualification as opposed to a criminal record."

08th February 2015

Andrew Stephens 

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"The ongoing e-mail support and quick replies from the kind, patient and knowledgeable staff at TEFL Heaven took all the guess-work out of plotting my course to Costa Rica. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone I know who is thinking about teaching English overseas. Thanks TEFL Heaven, for everything!"

23rd January 2014


(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"I came here with a purpose in mind and the faculty took time to learn of my desires and get me the job I want. The classes are very useful and I learned a lot. Many hours are dedicated to practicing teaching. I feel prepared."

09th December 2013

Zaq TuckerContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"The instructors are excellent, overqualified, intelligent, and overly understanding. They do their best to be accommodating with the resources they have, and provide an overall wonderful experience and education."

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