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TEFL Heaven Mexico

(4.7 Stars, based on 10 reviews)

 Get TEFL certified in this beautiful Mexican beach city- Puerto Vallarta! If you're looking to surround yourself with new culture, amazing beaches, mountain scenery, like-minded people and a new adventure then teaching English in Mexico could be for you!


  • 4 weeks face to face TEFL training in a paradise location
  • TEFL training in one of the worlds top travel destinations
  • TEFL qualification means you can teach English Abroad wordwide
  • Guaranteed paid teaching job after the training
  • Live and work in one of the most popular countries
  • Start dates generally every month
  • BA degree is not required to receive a guaranteed paid job in Mexico


Course Reviews

14th October 2017

Ben ThomasContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Fantastic course ran by incredibly competent people who make you feel like you are in safe hands. The job placement is efficient and yet manages to genuinely provide the best opportunities available wherever you want to work.The teaching course itself is very well designed, with the staff having so much experience that any advice needed can so easily be found. The hands on teaching practice the course offers is the perfect way to ease you into teaching as it shows you what teaching is really like and what you need to do in a lower pressure environment before you start your placement. All in all the course is very well put together and has everything you could really ask for, and is situated in a paradise like town. Would highly recommend."

03rd October 2017

Beth IngledewContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Overall I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching abroad and living in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a fabulous location and the course was both challenging and engaging. The chaos and madness of Mexico is it's very charm, so buckle up and sign up!"

03rd October 2017

Allie WheelerContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Great course, great people, highly recommend!!!"

17th September 2017


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"It's possible to do TEFL courses around the world, close to home or even online from your computer, however, nothing will beat the experience of getting out of your comfort zone and learning to teach in a far flung corner of the globe. Completing my TEFL course in Mexico was the most incredible experience and I know will always be one of the most memorable months of my life. The wonderful thing about choosing TEFL Heaven as your provider is that you are placed with people just like you who have left home to explore the world and want to learn to teach. Having two guaranteed things in common means that you will have instant ready made friends who almost become like a TEFL family. It's with your TEFL family that you will make some incredible memories and have a fantastic time. The course itself was wonderful and delivered by a man called Raul who was so passionate about teaching he had you desperate to get into a classroom as soon as possible so that you could experience what he experiences. The course itself was well thought out and I loved that we taught each other grammar concepts making even the dull aspects of TEFL fun. I loved every moment of the course and would happily do it all over again!"

31st August 2017

Rachael SwiftContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"The course in Puerto Vallarta was extremely enjoyable and I've met some people that I hope are friends for life. There is so much to see and do here as well as just being able to relax on the beach. As someone from the UK I have learned to appreciate air conditioning so much more now! I would recommend Puerto Vallarta based just on the beauty of the sunsets alone! The people here are very friendly and if you have any concerns about not being able to speak Spanish, do not worry. As busy tourist spot there are many who speak English and if you speak even just the basics in Spanish then you will be able to get by easily. Well worth it."

07th July 2017

Scott RickContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city and, while it is expensive compared to many parts of Mexico, it is very inexpensive compared to places like the United States and Western Europe. The course in PV is taught by a very experienced TEFL instructor (roughly a decade and a half experience all over the world, from Thailand to Great Britain) who learned English as an adult (he is originally from Spain). In addition, the TEFL course has ten hours of practical experience in classrooms (currently at a mixture of both the language center itself and nearby schools) so students can get a good indication of what it will be like to teach in a real situation."

03rd July 2017

Kayla BroadyContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful safe place and having gotten my TEFL certification there is most definitely the best investment (time & money wise) for my future I think I've ever made. You learn lots of helpful concepts and techniques for the classroom, you get to be immersed in a foreign culture and be surrounded by great people, and you're living in a paradise for a whole month. The entire experience is great, from start to finish."

28th June 2017

Tishona AContact

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"For my application, after sending the required documents I had a brief interview to ensure that TEFL would be a good fit for me. The program coordinator Mike was very kind, and responsive. He answered all of my questions and left me worry free. When I first arrived to Puerto Vallarta I was picked up from the airport and brought to my hotel. Assistance was always available during my stay. The course was straightforward and provided so much information that has definitely been beneficial. We were given 10 hours of real in class teaching practice before we completed the program. I could not be happier with the route I choose to take. As a b amateur, I found that this was the best choice for me. Job assistance was provided for me as promised and I currently work in Guadalajara teaching English in a language center and teaching French on the side. Very pleased thankful to TEFLHeaven for connecting me to a great school!"

24th October 2016


(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"This course was great because I learned how to teach. They have a guy named Raul who leads the TEFL training, and in addition to multiple degrees in education, he's got fifteen years experience teaching English around the world. The class focuses on teaching methods, as well as classroom management. The grammar learning component is light, but the focus on teaching is ideal in my opinion as it prepares you for whatever classroom situation you might have once you start working. Furthermore, his experience in the field offers a lot of insight on the realities of teaching abroad, which he imparts anecdotally throughout the course as well as providing entire lessons on how the business of TEFL works across countries. The teaching practices are valuable, but inconsistent. Students often don't show up, or just come late. I was also supposed to be observed something like six times to be given feedback, but only got observed once."

20th October 2016

Liz Stephanie Martinez CorderoContact

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"I recommend the TEFL Heaven Program in Puerto Vallarta to E.S.L. teachers who are between 21-65 years old and who are also interested in Spanish speaking Latin American countries."

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