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TEFL Heaven Spain + Job

(4.8 Stars, based on 8 reviews)

 The TEFL Heaven Spain program offers the opportunity of a lifetime, to live and work in sunny Spain! With more hours of sunshine per year than any other city in Europe, it's not hard to see why it's so popular!

This program features some great benefits.

  • 4 weeks training in Madrid
  • 140 hour TEFL certificate upon successful completion
  • Assistance with accommodation 
  • Full visa support for non EU passport holders
  • Guaranteed job placement upon successful completion
  • A monthly salary of 1000-1300 EUR per month
  • A great social atmosphere where you'll make friends for life!
  • Runs throughout the year

 If you're a graduate and you're looking to enter the world of teaching, or want to get some more life experience before entering a long term career, and would like to learn new skill set's to boost your CV, then TEFL Heaven could be just what you're looking for. 

To learn about the experiences of our TEFL Heaven alumni please read the below reviews, or to view more information about this program please follow this link.

Course Reviews

10th October 2017

Benjamin Z. GrimesContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"The TEFL Heaven course was perfect because it was face to face, practical and the entire team was responsive to all of my questions. There is no better way to become prepared to go into the classroom and teach, than acutally teaching students; that is how TEFL Heaven prepares you. Our trainers were fantastic, fun, friendly and they went above and beyond to make sure everyone was prepared and feeling confident. The practical, real-world experience in teaching which TEFL Heaven offers its students is invaluable and simply cannot be obtained through an online course. TEFL Heaven is truly the pefect program for someone who has little or no experience teaching abroad or living in a foreign country. The program (through its trainers and staff) help to introduce you gradually to living in a new country and the culture that comes with it. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself during training, which is rigorous but also deeply rewarding and not to mention a blast!"

10th October 2017

Eliza Rose McNamaraContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"The TEFL Heaven course is the best decision I could have made. I chose Madrid after a lot of research and I could not be happier that I did. The application process was seamless and then during the lead up to the course you are in regular contact with the centre. They help you with housing, VISAs, what you need to bring and anything and everything in between. Once you arrive, be prepared to have the most fun imaginable, with an amazing team of people who become your TEFL family and lifelong friends. The course completely prepares you for the real world of teaching, from creative ways of introducing grammar or vocab, to helping you with your CV and preparing you for interviews; all areas are covered and by the end of the four weeks, you will genuinely feel confident to walk into a class and teach them your language."

04th October 2017

Alex Clewlow 

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"TEFL Heaven and their team in Spain, in particular, have a fantastic reputation across the city. They help you put together a specific, tailored CV towards teaching which is very helpful. Within 24 hours of sending out my CV, I've had 6 emails and 4 arranged interviews, so there is certainly no shortage of demand here. You can pick and choose between different companies, hours offered/schedule, 1 to 1's, group classes etc. So much choice! I would advise anyone looking for a change to come to Madrid! Enjoy!"

20th September 2017


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Madrid is a great place- but be realistic with yourself about money and make sure that you secure housing that isn't ridiculously over priced. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I absolutely love it here."

11th September 2017

Jack DeardenContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"To summarise, I could not find any faults with the TEFL Course provided by TEFL Heaven. Right from the start I've been made to feel welcome, the trainers have been so friendly and helpful I couldn't have asked for anything more from them. It's been difficult at times, but enjoyable for the most part and most importantly I've met some great people and made some really good friends. The course and subsequent TEFL qualification provides you with a great platform to teach English here in Madrid and beyond. There are a lot of opportunities in Spain as demand for English teachers is extremely high, so what are you waiting for?"

05th September 2017

Faye JohnsonContact

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"This experience was one of the longest yet also quickest 4 weeks of my life. I learnt so much in such a short space of time and feel much more confident in my teaching abilities. Before the course started the thought of teaching made me feel nervous but now having completed the course I feel completely different. Of course I still feel nervous but I have the confidence that I can teach a good class. The support through email before I started from TEFL heaven was great, especially as I had so many questions before I made the big decision to do the course. Similarly once the course started the support from the trainers was brilliant. Overall this course was hard but extremely fun! We all had a lot of laughs and I miss the time we spent together because it flew by!"

04th July 2017

Sasha HoherchakContact

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"Overall, this program has been incredible. I have had the opportunity to travel and live in another amazing country, teach people of all ages a new language, and grow as an individual. Even though I have finished my TEFL, TEFL Heaven has still been amazingly helpful- checking in to make sure everything is going smoothly and asking about my work in Spain. I felt personally taken care of during the entire process. I made lifelong friends from day one and have had fantastic experiences. I know I definitely made the right decision coming to Madrid with this program and I wouldn't take anything back!"

26th January 2017

Shantelle BerryContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"TEFL is life-changing, a person is only some of their destiny without it, who wants to be half-half? TEFL is meant for those who enjoy life and all it's challenges, for those who love hard and embrace empowerment for a true enrichment, TEFL is the answer, welcome to the real world."

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