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TEFL Heaven Vietnam

(4.7 Stars, based on 11 reviews)

 TEFL Heaven introduces teaching English in Vietnam! This program features some fantastic benefits

  • 4 weeks in country training face-to-face training
  • Train in the city or on the coast
  • Free accommodation for the duration of the training
  • Culteral integration
  • Guaranteed paid teaching job
  • Monthly salary around 1200 USD
  • Assistance with visa and travel
  • Train as part of a group and make friends for life!
  • 12 start dates throughout the year


Course Reviews

13th October 2017

Sophie Pryce 

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"If you have been thinking about teaching in Vietnam come and do it! The Vietnamese people are some of the nicest people that I have veer met. I have never felt so welcome before. They wave to you and say hello to you walking down the street, and even offer you food and drink. The cost of living compared to your monthly wage here is a big bonus and you will be able to save at least $600 per month is you are earning the average wage. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering coming out here and teaching."

12th October 2017

Zak O'Reilly 

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Overall this course is invaluable in terms of preparing you to teach English to foreign students. I was considering completing an online TEFL course and then coming to Vietnam to try and find a job but that would've been a big mistake as most schools don't even recognize online certifications. You will make friends during the course who you will stay with for your time in Vietnam and you will receive ongoing support from with things like CV writing and job searching. Vietnam is the place to be for English teachers, it pays more favourably than other countries and there are an abundance of jobs. You will have no trouble what so ever finding a job."

17th August 2017


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"This course provided me with a variety of opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I really liked the fact that it was on-site because this gave me time not only to adjust to a new country but also to make invaluable connections with others in the course. I found the classes and instructors to be both very positive and welcoming. This course definitely gave me the tools and confidence that I needed in order to become a teacher in Ho Chi Minh City."

15th July 2017

flora tye 

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"There are a few things about the course that could be improved - there is not a lot of focus on the academic side of English and it is mostly practical. Although the best thing about this course is the practical element (teaching practices). I feel it could be slightly better balanced. The staff were very helpful and i felt very safe and well supported. Overall i enjoyed the course and i left feeling ready and prepared to teach. I was very nervous about public speaking before so and in class course as opposed to an online course to me, was crucial."

11th July 2017

Ben EdwardsContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I really enjoyed the TEFL Heaven Vietnam program, It gave everyone on the course the opportunities to find work here in Vietnam and helped out any first time teachers to get their foot in the door. I recommend this course if you love to travel and want to work whilst on the move."

04th July 2017

Mary ConningContact

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"Great course, I felt I was given essential information for teaching and I am now confident teaching all ages when previously I had no teaching experience at all. It was great to meet the people on my course, make great friends and great memories. Vietnam is beautiful, I am currently living in Ha Long, if you don't know it Google away people and if you are anything like me be prepared to fall in love! HCMC is a bustling, busy, crazy city, be prepared to walk slowly across roads while the motorbikes roar and swerve around you carry, everything from pig carcasses to fridge freezers. This is a huge city and the centre has everything that you would expected from a multicultural city. And I can't finish without mentioning the food, the guide books aren't exaggerating about he street food etc. it is so... good!! And the Vietnamese people are so friendly and helpful, you will come to Vietnam for the course but you will stay in the country because you fall in love with it."

29th June 2017


(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"This course set me up to start my career in TEFL, and I had my first job within weeks after completing it. I was very happy to have the in class teaching hours under my belt, because this experience gave me a confidence that many new teachers lack. Finally, doing my TEFL course in my host country of Vietnam helped me to adjust to my new surroundings with the support of like-minded new friends... we did it together! Now 8 months later, I'm still teaching and can honestly say it's been once of the best choices I've ever made!"

28th June 2017

Hannah Mohammed 

(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"In summary all aspects of the course met and exceeded my expectations. I felt fully supported during the whole experience, and met some amazing people. I love my new job and life in HCMC."

28th February 2017


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"I was able to secure a job a week after my course ended in one of the best language schools in Ho Chi Minh City and this was down to the skills and experience I obtained on my TEFL course. I had never taught before let alone teach in a foreign country but now I work 20 hours a week and am able to save more than I ever did in the UK because of the low cost of living here. It wasn't easy for me to adjust to a different way of life but it has been completely worth it and I am now planning on staying here longer than I originally planned. So if you are wondering whether you should do it then all I can say is 'DO IT!' You won't regret it."

11th August 2016

Daniel Perrin 

(4 Stars) Read Full Review

"After completing my course in Vietnam, I am now looking forward to working in a language school just south of Hanoi which will provide free accommodation, help sort out my work visa and hopefully help me develop my English teaching skills to a higher level. None of this would have been possible without everyone involved at TEFL Heaven doing such a great job. Friendly, professional staff always willing to go the extra mile coupled with well structured course timetable all helped make my experience in Vietnam to be thought provoking, challenging and lots of fun. Well recommended."

05th May 2016


(5 Stars) Read Full Review

"The course has been really great - very practical, very useful, an excellent starting point for someone with very little teaching experience to build confidence and start enjoying teaching. I really enjoyed every single day of it - the teachers were great, very professional but also very much fun, the support staff is just super - working very efficiently and going out of their way to make the TESOL students' experience as nice as possible. And most importantly - I got a job even before the training was finished! Highly recommend the course to everyone considering a teach abroad program!"

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